An audiovisual live opera originally devised and produced by David Loom and Matteo Scaioli in July 2014.

ƒoleymandala is an original prototype live performance for prepared vinyl records,
analog synthesizers, electric instruments, percussions and motion images.
The neologism-title suggests an interpretation of the entire artistic process:
ƒoley is the art of live reproducing all those sounds that chorally contribute to the sound realism
and acoustic comfort in modern cinema; mandala finally describes and defines the industriousness,
symbolism and spirituality that characterize the entire performance, evoking also a complex
and fluid structural circularity, fil rouge of the whole represented experience.

Four years later (2018)
a remixed full version film was released with an updated original music score featuring,
now available on Vimeo platform for a more comprehensive public sharing:

Original music fully composed, played and produced by
Matteo Scaioli,
Electronic Modular Orchestra
(Nicola Peruch, Matteo Scaioli, Max Vicinelli, Gabriele Bombardini, Enrico Bernabei),
Liquid Desire
(Gabriele Bombardini, Matteo Scaioli, Jhonny Boscaini).

Original visual design and filmmaking David Loom

Original multigramophonic system devising Matteo Scaioli
Visual props hand-crafting and shooting devices setup David Loom
Project care and production facilities NekoLaboratoires

All represented images are original, produced without the aid of any 3D software,
using only live action shoots personally filmed by David Loom,
manually composed with basic techniques of shooting and editing.

Here more informations about the genesis of the first original prototype live performance (2014).